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The port city of Kakinada is a cultural treasure trove. Whether you’re looking to watch the sunset from a port or enjoy a nice walk on the beach, Kakinada has something for everyone. Though our country has progressed and changed over the last decade, the city has maintained its cultural integrity and stood tall through the sands of time.

Kakinada has deep historical significance with roots dating back to Colonial India. Few records claim that the original name of the place was Kakanndivada. The Dutch settlers stored and exported coconuts from here and christened it as Co-canada. Soon after, British East India Company established the first Canadian Baptist Mission. The port city’s name was changed and proudly coined Kakinada post India’s independence.

The geography of the place is equally vibrant. Nestling on the delta of river Godavari at Kakinada bay, the Coringa Wildlife Sanctuary is the second largest Mangrove stretch in India. The silvery white sand adds a natural glow to the beaches, making it ideal for sunbathing. The refreshing cool sea breeze entices travelers to plan another visit soon. The city is also blessed with diverse places of worship, including famous temples, mosques and churches. Such architectural marvels are often considered as souvenirs of rich cultural legacy and highlight the architectural grandeurs of the colonial era.

The land of colors and cultural heritage will now have another colorful destination to boast about. 82East, a mall that will add contemporary hue to the picturesque canvas of Kakinada. It will blend with the architectural grandeurs and will also jazz up the fashion quotient of the city.

Choose from a wide range of traditions, cultures and styles as you shop at our opulent mall. Whether, it is the traditional muddu and shirt or the denim jeans and plain t-shirt you’ll find whatever you need at our shopping mall. Choosing jewelry for a loved one is never easy, especially when you have run all over the city for it. 82East gives you a one-stop shopping destination where you can find the perfect piece of jewelry for your loved ones. Tired after a long day of shopping? Replenish your energy as you enjoy some delectable food at our food court. We have a variety of cuisines and dishes, so tempt your inner foodie to the fullest. From continental delicacies to the tasty and spicy chicken dum biryani, whatever you crave, you’ll find it here.

Walk into our grocery store and stock up on home supplies anytime. Grocery shopping will now seem like a walk in the park! Enjoy some popcorn and cola as you watch your favorite movie at our state-of-the-art multiplex. Bring your child over and let them have a day of fun at our arcade center or buy the latest electronics at our mall. Whether you’re looking for a new phone or want to get your old phone serviced, you’ll find plenty of electronic stores at our mall to accommodate your needs.

Get the perfect gift at our gift shops or buy a personalized watch for your loved one. With endless options and possibilities at your disposal, you’ll never get bored. From school kids and families to working professionals and homemakers, 82East has something for everyone!

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