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Welcome to Idli Street, a Lucrative Traditional South Indian Food Franchising Opportunity in India and Abroad. At Idli Street, We endeavour to cater a distinctive menu to food conscious customers and outshine the magnificence of traditional south Indian cuisine. Glorifying the importance, vitality and overall richness of nutritional value hidden in south Indian cuisine, fuelled up by the authentic new recipes artfully originated by our chefs, we aim to cater people irrespective of their age, ethnicity, region or religion.

Giving south Indian food a Traditional new taste and showing it to the world in a new light is our primary motive. Idli street is established to give a new colour and glamour to the south Indian cuisine (breakfast).

Idli Street’s menu presents various types of idli, dosa and many other mouth melting South Indian delicacies which can be consumed at any meal of the day, either for breakfast and brunch or for lunch and evening snacks.

Each recipe has its own delicacy, deliciousness, Richness with untamed nutritional value that nourishes the body and soul with substantial energy to work effortlessly and efficiently to carry out your work throughout the day.